20/415 PP Dropper

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Key Specifications/Special Features:

Item code: EO/DR/DO20/415

Color: Custom make

Neck: 20/415

MOQ, 10K

Decoration: Anodizing, UV. Spraying


Teat: Silicon, NBR

Collar: PP or PP&ALU

Injected & Rotary demoulded  inner cap

Pipette: Borosilicate glass, Best Intermiscibility, Customizable Length.

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Item code: EO/DR/DP20/415

Color: Custom make

Neck: 20/415

Decoration: Anodizing, UV. Spraying

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  • packing

    Glass bottle

    Clear or amber natural color, Plasitc Boxes with Shrink Film into Carton.

    Decorated glass bottle with printing, Wave Pallet layers into Carton.

    Platic Fitment&Plug&Rubber, Plastic bags into carton.

    Dropper& Alu-Plastic cap: Wave Pallet layers into Carton.

    Final Pallet Package for Export

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